Making the Switch, Pt. 2: It’s official!


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I’m proud to say The Grammarian’s Reviews has a new home. And it’s quite beautiful, all thanks to Cialina. I never thought switching from Blogger to WordPress would be so easy, but aside from some very minor setbacks the transition has been painlessly smooth.

And let me just say that I’m already in love with WordPress and its features. Really, guys. Things are much more seamless over here. Editing is so much easier, updates are quicker, and importing took a matter of seconds. Remember when I wasn’t 100% sure about the switch? Well, I’m here to say that I’m sold. I wish I’d made the move sooner, actually. You never know what you’re missing until you gather up the nerve to try.

Things are still a bit rocky as I get settled, but please take the time to go and subscribe to my feed (to the right). It’s also best if you leave all comments over here, too. Any comments made at the old blog will not show over here.

I hope you like what you see! So far the initial reactions have been positive and fully supportive (love you guys!). I’ve also received multiple questions about making the switch from Blogger to WordPress, and I just wanted to remind you that if you do have a question or comment for me, feel free to leave a comment here or catch me on Twitter. I’m happy to hear what you think and help answer any questions you may have.

Again: Make sure you subscribe to the feed so you can follow my posts. Just because there’s no GFC doesn’t mean we have to lose our connection!

Last, but not least: Welcome to the new TGR!

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9 Responses to “Making the Switch, Pt. 2: It’s official!”

  1. Melanie says:

    Your yellow background design is so cool! I’ve switched to WordPress as well, and I’m really glad. I’m still working on setting up an RSS feed, though. I need to get on it.

  2. Amelia says:

    Alissa, this is a beautiful site! I think you’ve sold me on WordPress. In the summer I’m gonna switch over here as well!

    Glad everything worked out for you!

  3. Liz. R says:

    Loving the new design! Glad the switch was easy for you too – looking forward to new content on the new blog! 🙂

  4. I have to say that the blue and yellow combination is one of my favorites. It looks fabulous so far and I can’t wait to see it grow. I really love the ability to respond to individual comments! *pokes about*

    • Alissa says:

      Thanks, Kaye! :] I’m really happy with the color combo, too. And being able to respond to individual comments is AWESOME. I’m loving it.

  5. […] know I’ve told you my contemplations about moving to WordPress, and the followup, but what about what happened in between? What about the actual move? That’s what this post […]

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