Making the Switch – How To: The Ultimate WordPress Guide!


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I know I’ve told you my contemplations about moving to WordPress, and the followup, but what about what happened in between? What about the actual move? That’s what this post is for – to show you how you can make the move to WordPress, too. I promise it’s easier than you think if you take your time and stick with the decision.

STEP 1: There are two versions of WordPress? Help!

Yes, there are two versions of WordPress: and

The difference between the two, in simple terms, is that the .com version is entirely free. When you sign up, it’s much the same way as when you did with Blogger. However, be aware that if you have a custom layout/theme, or want a custom layout/theme, you won’t be able to have it. WordPress comes with over a hundred theme options for you to choose from, and there are “Premium” ones you can pay for, but you must use one of their themes. You can change the header and sometimes colors, but that’s about it, unless you want to upgrade for $30 to be able to add CSS and change fonts.

Make note, though, that even though you can’t customize much, you can have your own domain.

On the flip side, the .org version is free to download. However, it requires an installation, as opposed to the .com version which is just you signing up for a blog account like Blogger. This is where everyone asks, Why do I need to install it? You need to download and install it because, while it is free, the hosting is not free. Granted, WordPress can host if you pay, or you can find cheaper hosting sites. Most hosting sites usually come with a free domain, too. So if you aren’t hasty you can get a two-for-one kind of deal for your site. By using the .org download, you can have an entirely custom layout/theme; you’re not limited to what WordPress has to offer.

The problem is that many people fear the installation, so they put off the move.

If you’re afraid or confused about the WordPress installation process, these guides may help you:

A user step-by-step guide to installing WordPress.

The official WordPress installation guide.

STEP 2: Do I have to install WordPress on my own? I’m horrible with computers! Help!

The good news is no, you do not have to install WordPress on your own if you don’t want to. How is this possible? Well, you have a few options:

  • Ask your layout/theme designer. If you’re having a custom layout/theme made, your designer may offer installation services for free or a small fee. You might think you don’t want to pay, but think of the hassle it’ll save if you’re really that uncomfortable with the thought of installing on your own. If they don’t list installation as a service, ask! Most designers I’ve been referred to have offered to set up everything I needed for WordPress. Plus, asking can’t hurt.
  • Some sites/programs will do the installing for you. For example, the web host Fantastico has the ability to automatically install applications to a website. In short: It will do the work for you!
  • Use visualization to your advantage. Don’t like to read long installation guides? No idea where that file goes or what a client is? No problem. Use a video guide to help so you can have someone not only show but talk you through the process. The video guide below starts at the very beginning, before even downloading and installing WordPress; it begins with getting a host and domain.


STEP 3: OK, I know there is a .com & .org WordPress. Which is right for me?

So now you know the difference between and But which should you use?

Whether you have a domain or not, if you’re unable to or don’t care to get a custom layout/theme, is your best bet. It’s free, easy to sign up and super easy to import everything from Blogger.

If you have a domain and host (or are at least wanting/planning to self-host) and have your own custom layout/theme, then downloading the latest version of WordPress from is what you need to do. You’ll have the freedom to make your site exactly how you want it to be without the limitations on customization of

STEP 4: I’m still not sold. What, exactly, does WordPress look like?

Click through the thumbnails to see what WordPress looks like! They’ll show what the Dashboard and Post Editor look like, what’s it like looking through themes and the Import and Widget pages. For a comparison, you can also check out the Dashboard and Post Editor; the other menu tabs are all relatively the same.




STEP 5: I can do it!

Yes, you can do it! You’re so close!

You know the differences and you’ve got the guides and screencaps. You’re ready to switch to WordPress and you’re ready to do so with confidence. Just believe in yourself and take your time.

REMEMBER: As you’re making the change, nothing you have on Blogger will be destroyed. You can import your posts to WordPress without losing what you have on Blogger.

So, no pressure!

The end! You made it!

I hope this How To post is informative enough and answers the questions you may have about WordPress. I’ve tried to reply to every little question I’ve gotten. If there’s something you’re still confused about or you just have a general comment, please don’t hesitate to ask/post in the comments or on Twitter; I welcome and encourage all feedback.

I couldn’t take the thought of bloggers missing out on this move simply because there’s not enough info out there for them to better understand WordPress, and/or because they’re hesitant to leave the comfort zone of Blogger. Going by what I’ve seen on Twitter, a lot of bloggers actually want to make the move – they just don’t know how or why they should. Hence, the reason for my creating this post.

If you’ve stuck around until the end of this, I thank you and wish you the best of luck on making the switch to WordPress!

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Making the Switch, Pt. 2: It’s official!


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I’m proud to say The Grammarian’s Reviews has a new home. And it’s quite beautiful, all thanks to Cialina. I never thought switching from Blogger to WordPress would be so easy, but aside from some very minor setbacks the transition has been painlessly smooth.

And let me just say that I’m already in love with WordPress and its features. Really, guys. Things are much more seamless over here. Editing is so much easier, updates are quicker, and importing took a matter of seconds. Remember when I wasn’t 100% sure about the switch? Well, I’m here to say that I’m sold. I wish I’d made the move sooner, actually. You never know what you’re missing until you gather up the nerve to try.

Things are still a bit rocky as I get settled, but please take the time to go and subscribe to my feed (to the right). It’s also best if you leave all comments over here, too. Any comments made at the old blog will not show over here.

I hope you like what you see! So far the initial reactions have been positive and fully supportive (love you guys!). I’ve also received multiple questions about making the switch from Blogger to WordPress, and I just wanted to remind you that if you do have a question or comment for me, feel free to leave a comment here or catch me on Twitter. I’m happy to hear what you think and help answer any questions you may have.

Again: Make sure you subscribe to the feed so you can follow my posts. Just because there’s no GFC doesn’t mean we have to lose our connection!

Last, but not least: Welcome to the new TGR!

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I saw Sarah Dessen! + other excitement.


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Do you see this?! That would be the autograph of the one and only Sarah Dessen. I stood in line for a little over an hour for this signature. Was it worth it? Heck yes! Not only did I get to watch her Q&A session, but I also MET her. We talked about the weather. Sounds funny, but it was still an amazing minute or so. (DC felt like it was 80 degrees, and the humidity was so bad that you just felt sticky and disgusting ALL DAY.) I also managed to get my picture taken with her, but I refuse to post it publicly because I look like I’m drowning in the humidity, and my hair was super frizzy at that point. But if it wasn’t already apparent, I was, and still am, totally excited about it! It was also my first author signing, so that made it even more special.

But really, it was fabulous. The National Book Festival in DC was jampacked with tons of book lovers, cool posters, book sales, book bags, and so much more.

The bonus? Toni Morrison’s signing tent was directly next to Dessen’s, so I got to see her, too! Talk about amazing.

In other fabulous news…


Oh, how long I waited for you, Pottermore!
But seriously. I’ve been waiting forever. Since before summer ended. ?And now that I have it…. I got sorted into Ravenclaw. Needless to say, I’m a bit disappointed, but certainly not surprised. I have no doubt that if, in fact, Hogwarts were real, I’d be sorted into Ravenclaw. It’s just that my heart will always belong to Slytherin (and Draco).
Other than that, it’s super cool! A bit less interactive than I pegged it to be, but who knows? Maybe it’ll shape up.
Are you on Pottermore yet? We should be friends!
* Sorry for the lack of updates around here! As you can see, I’m very, very busy procrastinating on schoolwork. And when I’m not procrastinating, well… I’ve got a lot of schoolwork! I’m trying to read in the meantime, but I’m afraid it’s going a bit slowly. But I’m still here, I promise!

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Wanted: Guest Posters!


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Remember when I said I was going to be busy with school in the upcoming weeks? Well, school’s about to become a bit more hectic for me. Paper due dates are looming, job interviews are right around the corner, studying cannot be put off, and summer work needs finishing.

I realize most people in my position would take a break from their blog, but I’m not willing to do that. So how am I going to keep The Grammarian’s Reviews running?

Guest posts, of course!

It makes perfect sense to me. While I can still post some days, all of you fabulous bloggers can help me to fill in the rest (and gain more recognition, to boot!). I’m all for promoting other bloggers, and I have to admit that I do need a little help here.

You’re probably wondering how this works. Am I assigning topics or letting you run freely? Just imagine your lovely post sitting right here:

Are you imagining it? Good.

If you can see it, I will post it.

However, I do have just a few requests:

Keep it YA! – While I have talked about Adult fiction on this blog, it is primarily a YA haven. So please keep that in mind.

I love grammar. – If you haven’t yet noticed, I do a feature very near and dear to my heart, called Grammar Bit (link!). I haven’t had one in a while, but there are currently 13 bits available to help people with their grammar woes. My point: If you’d like to do any sort of post pertaining to grammar, I’d love you forever.

Please be respectful. – I’m more than willing to promote your blog on my own blog, but please be respectful of the books or authors or whatever mentioned in your posts.

Basically, anything goes. Have you been wanting to discuss your favorite cover but it won’t fit into your own blogging schedule? Do it here! Want to get the word out about a book you think deserves more recognition? Do it here! I’m open to your ideas – after all, it’s going to be your post!

If you’re still interested, fill out this form.
?Many of you keep asking me for topics, so here you go!
– Grammar pet peeves: which grammatical mistakes bug you the most?
– Come up with your own Grammar Bit!
– Why do/don’t you care about grammar?
– Favorited/Hated cover(s).
– Promote a book you love that you think doesn’t get enough recognition.
– Book peeves: What are some of your biggest book peeves when it comes to YA books?
– Books that have really good sequels.
– Talk about a specific genre you really enjoy and want others to know about; why should they give it a try?
– Versus: Vampires vs Unicorns, Love Triangles vs Single Relationships, Insta-love vs Actual Romance, etc.

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TGIF! (18)


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TGIF is brought to us by Ginger at GReads!

It’s a way for bloggers to celebrate the end of the week with a nice re-cap of their weekly posts and to answer a random question.

Book Disappointments: Have you ever come across a book you were so stoked to read, but it failed miserably in your eyes?
A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks.
Talk about a disappointment. I shouldn’t have watched the movie first.

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National Book Festival: Who’s going?


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National Book Festival
September 24, 25
On the National Mall, DC

Any and all info you could possibly want about it can be found here.
But, you should know right now that a few awesome people are going to be there: Sarah Dessen, Cassandra Clare, Toni Morrison…

I know I’m going to be there! Are you?

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You know that story we all know and love? Of course you do. And if you don’t, that means you haven’t yet read Anna and the French Kiss.

So this beloved story has a newly released scene, thanks to the wonderful Stephanie Perkins. Also, there will be another new scene next month, too. How awesome is that? (I’ll tell you: REALLY RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME!)

Trust me: you want to go read it. It’s nerdy. It’s cute. It’s so Anna and Étienne.

You can find the scene here.

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Ladybird Ladybird giveaway!


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Ladybird Ladybird by Abra Ebner
Samantha was born under a full moon to a mother already dead. Revived by doctors and given to her unloving father, Samantha was raised a cursed child, her only friend the ghost of her mother who speaks to her through keys that open a secret box under her bed.

From the inside out, Sam burns with life, a fire so vivid it keeps her peers at a distance, all except one. Leith, a quiet farm boy with a broken heart and demons of his own, enjoys the seclusion his classmates grant him, but the seclusion is all too familiar to Sam, drawing her interest.

For the first time in their lives, fate pushes them together, but when their worlds collide . . .

. . . fires burn. 

Book trailer:?
So why am I showing you this?
1. This book looks heartbreaking. And the cover’s pretty. ?But honestly – a ghost using keys to interact with the living? How awesome is that? I’m really, really excited for that aspect.
2. There’s a giveaway involved!
Crimson Oak Publishing will be giving away five $50 American Express gift cards in celebration of Ladybird Ladybird‘s release.  If you want to enter for your chance to win, go here and for “Referred by Blogger,” enter The Grammarian’s Reviews. (Please and thank you!)

Then tweet it, retweet it, whatever you can. I’m sure a lot of people could use a $50 gift card.

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