What did I miss? {6/10 – 6/17}


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What did I miss? is a new feature here at The Grammarian’s Reviews. I thought it was about time I feature weekly updates and highlights from both here and other bloggers. So let’s get on with the recap!

[review] Every Day by David Levithan — You probably already love Mr. Levithan. Well, this will only make you love him more.

Let’s talk ARCs — My thoughts on ARCs and their popularity.

[review] Grace by R Rodriguez — My first one-star review. (I think.)

Top 10 Beach Reads — My personal top 10 fun, guilty pleasure beach reads.

Whip it Up Mondays — How to make your own popcorn at home without all those icky preservatives and fake butter.


This was a bit of a spontaneous reading week for me. I never intended to read Grace or Every Day, but they showed up in my inbox and I just couldn’t resist. I never packed all of my TBR books to take with me to my internship, so right now e-books are actually the most convenient and easily accessible.

As some have noticed, I took down my Follow Friday meme post. I’ve decided to take an indefinite break from Follow Friday and TGIF (or any other weekend memes that may appear). To be honest, while they increased traffic to the site, they never really left me with very many new followers, if any. Most times it’s just been people coming by, leaving spam-like comments that they leave on every other person’s FF/TGIF post, without a care in the world about what I do. I realized that, while the memes were supposed to be leaving me happy about connecting with the community, they were actually upsetting me; they became “filler” posts. But like I said last week, I’m trying to make The Grammarian’s Reviews more content focused. And to do this, I think it’s best to stay clear of these for a while.

Feeling pressured from book hype? — Kelly addresses the pros and cons of book hypes, and how your expectations can either be met or left hanging.

Cialina reviewed Flirting in Italian — I’d been very much looking forward to reading this one. It sounded perfect for summer. But then I found out it was a total dud. Bummer.

BEA Recap — Mandi over at Never Too Fond of Books recaps her week at BEA. But what separates her recap from the rest is the priceless doormat picture.

Book Trailers, yea or nay? — Anne at Creativity’s Corner discusses the inner workings of book trailers and how they are used to attract readers.

Can you judge the quality of your own work? — Jennifer Hubbard, an author I immediately fell in love with, briefly questions the act of judging your own writing.

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