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I spy a book festival + updates!


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It’s time for the National Book Festival in D.C. again! Remember last year when I met Sarah Dessen? Good times.


John Green. R.L. Stine. David Levithan. Lowis Lowry. Melissa Marr.

These are some of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to see them, to hear them speak. (And maybe get some autographs if I feel like standing in lines for several hours.)

I wasn’t fortunate enough to meet any fellow bloggers last year, but I’d love to change that this time around, if possible. Let me know if you’re going!


And now, an obligatory response to the Where have you BEEN? question:

School. It has taken over my life. Even when I’m not in classes or at work, I’m STILL working. When I have downtime, I tend to waste it playing games or lurking on Twitter. You know – basically wasting it on everything aside from reading and blogging. But this isn’t anything new, is it?

Bottom line is I’m booked solid. But I’m not gone!

I’m doing my best to keep in touch while also keeping my school priorities straight. It’s an important year.

Hope everyone’s doing well!

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I saw Sarah Dessen! + other excitement.


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Do you see this?! That would be the autograph of the one and only Sarah Dessen. I stood in line for a little over an hour for this signature. Was it worth it? Heck yes! Not only did I get to watch her Q&A session, but I also MET her. We talked about the weather. Sounds funny, but it was still an amazing minute or so. (DC felt like it was 80 degrees, and the humidity was so bad that you just felt sticky and disgusting ALL DAY.) I also managed to get my picture taken with her, but I refuse to post it publicly because I look like I’m drowning in the humidity, and my hair was super frizzy at that point. But if it wasn’t already apparent, I was, and still am, totally excited about it! It was also my first author signing, so that made it even more special.

But really, it was fabulous. The National Book Festival in DC was jampacked with tons of book lovers, cool posters, book sales, book bags, and so much more.

The bonus? Toni Morrison’s signing tent was directly next to Dessen’s, so I got to see her, too! Talk about amazing.

In other fabulous news…


Oh, how long I waited for you, Pottermore!
But seriously. I’ve been waiting forever. Since before summer ended. ?And now that I have it…. I got sorted into Ravenclaw. Needless to say, I’m a bit disappointed, but certainly not surprised. I have no doubt that if, in fact, Hogwarts were real, I’d be sorted into Ravenclaw. It’s just that my heart will always belong to Slytherin (and Draco).
Other than that, it’s super cool! A bit less interactive than I pegged it to be, but who knows? Maybe it’ll shape up.
Are you on Pottermore yet? We should be friends!
* Sorry for the lack of updates around here! As you can see, I’m very, very busy procrastinating on schoolwork. And when I’m not procrastinating, well… I’ve got a lot of schoolwork! I’m trying to read in the meantime, but I’m afraid it’s going a bit slowly. But I’m still here, I promise!

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National Book Festival: Who’s going?


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National Book Festival
September 24, 25
On the National Mall, DC

Any and all info you could possibly want about it can be found here.
But, you should know right now that a few awesome people are going to be there: Sarah Dessen, Cassandra Clare, Toni Morrison…

I know I’m going to be there! Are you?

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