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After reading several bloggers’ posts regarding commenting, it got me thinking about my own commenting practices. This post is merely a reflection on these other posts.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my soon-to-be two years of blogging and running a website, it’s that not every blogger/website owner can be bothered to either leave comments on others’ posts or reply to comments on their own posts. Of course, sometimes this is simply a result of time constraints, especially for those that receive a large number of comments. But in my own experience and opinion, it’s still disappointing.

A blog/website in this particular community is not, to me, a one-sided medium or conversation. It’s a collaboration of content and feedback (as many other forms of websites and blogs also are). I don’t think any of us would remain blogging if we didn’t receive any feedback. And by feedback, I don’t mean criticisms or compliments. By feedback I mean discussion, conversation, comments. Comments let us know that we’re doing something right, that we’re providing content people want to read, see, react to, and talk about. Comments form and build connections from one blogger and/or commenter to another.

If you didn’t receive any comments, how would you feel? Upset? Ignored? I know I would (and have). Of course, this isn’t to say that aiming for 10,000 comments on your posts is the way to go. I don’t believe it’s about the number of comments, but the quality – you know, getting more than a “Hey I like your blog” kind of comment.

How would you feel if you didn’t receive any replies to your comments? Upset? Ignored? I know I would (and have). You see, this is a two-way street. Replying to comments that others have taken the time to leave for you is just as important as leaving comments for others (or so I think). In my own experience, the only times I receive replies to my comments are when I’m commenting on a blogger friend’s site. More often than not, if I comment on someone’s blog who I’m not Twitter-friendly with, or have known for a while, I won’t receive a reply to my comment – no matter how thoughtful or long it is. And to me that means my comment either isn’t appreciated, or the blogger simply doesn’t care. And you know what that means? I’m probably not going to visit your blog/site again, not when there are others who put effort into establishing a presence, conversation and relationship on their own blog/site.

I’ve seen others agree and disagree with this. Some say they value returning comments, others don’t. And that’s okay. You can’t tell people how to blog, or how to manage their blogs/sites. But it does hurt to be told that no one cares about getting replies to their comments, because that’s not true. I care. I’m willing to bet some of you care, too. If people don’t want to reply to mine or anyone’s comments, that’s perfectly fine. But I wish people wouldn’t use the reason that no one cares about their replies.

I take pride in replying to all of the comments I receive on this site, but I do realize that this is my own decision – one that I plan to continue carrying out. So I’d like to thank all of you that have taken the time to comment any of my posts (even if this is your first time visiting). I appreciate all of your comments and the replies you supply to my own.

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