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Bout of Books mini challenge: relocate!


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Today’s Bout of Books challenge is all about relocating.


I’m currently finishing up The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa, a story that takes place primarily in the mythical locations of the Nevernever, where all the fey and other mythical creatures reside.

….But not anymore!

Because I am officially relocating this cast to the Andes mountain range. And you know what that means. High altitudes. Cold temperatures. Uneven, thrilling landscapes. And snow!

How are these characters going to fare? Well, I think a lot less easier than they have it now. (Except maybe for the Winter Court. Watch your back.) I know the Iron Fey books tend to already be action-packed, but I think this relocation would only add to the suspense and drama. The Courts would be more chaotic than ever. Situations would be dire; there wouldn’t be nearly as much time to waste.

And really… who wouldn’t want to see Grimalkin have to traipse through the snow/cold? Plus, I sense the oncoming of an epic Ash/Puck snowball fight.


What book are you reading, where does it take place, and where is it going to relocate?

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